Top Tips

Harry Hallux says…

Young feet are supple and need to be kept clean and warm – but given the opportunity to be sock and shoe free for as much time as possible. Little feet need to exercise. Little toes need to flex and stretch. The physical movement of pushing up when crawling and learning how to stand allows for healthy development of the foot.
Little feet should not be crammed into shoes or booties too often. Socks, baby grows and tights should fit the foot so little toes are not cramped and forced to bend – this can cause developmental problems.

As children start to walk – correctly fitted footwear is essential. Shoes with Velcro allow for a comfortable fit. As children grow older, their shoes should be regularly changed and the shoes should be measured at least every three months. Shoes should not be too flat or too high, a small wedge heel (like a trainer) is ideal. Remember – sports, ballet, school and social etc footwear must. be well fitted (not too small or too big) to enable the foot to exercise correctly. Velcro, lace, buckles are all good ways for ensuring the shoe remains fitted to the foot.

Feet should be washed daily in warm soapy water and carefully rinsed and dried to avoid soreness or infection. If talk or cream is applied to the feet, toes must be washed and cleaned with a cotton bud or ball to ensure nothing builds up in between them.
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