Things to do with your feet

Fun activity ideas

Your feet are amazing! They allow you to do so much.

Add to these ideas below, be creative and have some fun. Harry Hallux will help you…
Make a list of all the things you can do with your feet – here are a few ideas to start you off!

With family and/or friends:
Go for a walk
Ride a bike
Kick a football
Make a mini obstacle course in the garden
Make up a word search using as many words to do with feet as you can think of
Make foot prints. Use water to make your feet wet (or ask an adult to help you with some paint) and make prints on a dry surface, piece of paper, in the mud or some sand.
Look at your foot print and how it changes with speed or activity
Print your foot prints as you run or dance
Pick things up with your feet!
Draw a cartoon character that looks like a foot
Make a story up about your cartoon character
Look at your stride, can you guess how many foot steps it would take to walk around:
a) your bedroom?
b) your house?
c) your garden?
Write a poem about feet.
your bedroom
your house
Your garden. Give it a try and see how close you were... 
Design a foot – it can be as strange as you like, be imaginative, colourful and have fun!

Pamper and Spoil Your Feet

Girls and boys, you could have a foot pamper party! Ask your parents if you can invite some of your friends round. Try on each others shoes, see what happens when they don’t fit – its not easy to walk, is it?!

Give each other a mini pedicure. What about nail painting?

You will need:
A bowl large enough for your feet or a foot spa
Warm water
Bubble bath – but not too much!
A flannel
A towel
Some oil or cream
A nail file
Cotton buds
Nail varnish
Take it in turns to soak your feet. Let the water run between your toes and take the opportunity to look at your feet. Be sure to show mum or dad if you find anything unusual. Try a foot massage – isn’t it a lovely and relaxing feeling? Practice your new skills on mum and/or dad, they will love it!

Send us your work and let us see your fun!
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