Hi, I’m Harry Hallux. Join me and let us learn about feet together.

All too often in our busy lives, we take our feet for granted, not sparing a thought for them and what they go through day in or day out!

Most of us don’t give our feet the care and attention they deserve, and then we wonder why we get aches, pains and problems.
Here at Fun with Feet, we would like to show you that taking care of your feet can not only improve their condition, but also improve your quality of life, put an extra spring in your step and be fun. What’s more, it doesn’t have to cost the earth!!!

Here at The Foot Care Centre, King’s Lynn, we believe passionately that if you love your feet they will serve you well for a whole lifetime. This love affair with your feet should start even before you take your first step.

Elizabeth, the founder of The Foot Care Centre and The College of Foot Care Practitioners based in King’s Lynn Norfolk, and her team developed Fun with Feet – an innovative new programme to help parents, teachers, and carers as well as children understand the importance of looking after your feet form an early age. As a mother of three, Elizabeth has plenty of hands-on experience caring for young feet and has developed many top tips for helping both adults and children of all ages to change their attitude towards their feet and take better care of them.
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